Coronavirus (COVID-19): Are Swimming Pools Safe?

Advice From the Swimming Pool Industry Association

Click on the link below to access the most up to date advice from SPASA and CDC on how safe swimming pools are:

If you confine swimming activities to your home pool, there are a couple of points to observe. Does your pool have the correct water chemistry, which is being closely monitored? Are the pool equipment, Chlorination, Filtration, Heating and Pumping equipment functioning to optimum performance?

Billabong Pool Service & Supply wants to be available to our customers for pool service on the Sunshine Coast and provide the best advice for their pool. Chlorine will kill the Sars CoV-2. The question is whether there's enough effective chlorine in the pool water. 

There are important calculations to be done to quantify the effectiveness of chlorine, which are reliant on many factors and are interconnected with basic water chemistry such as pH, Total Alkalinity and Stabilizer levels as they all play their part in chlorine efficiency.

Billabong Pool Service & Supply for pool service on the Sunshine Coast can offer free in-store pool testing and advise you of the health of your pool water. But the ultimate responsibility is in the hands of the owner. Constant vigilance and monitoring protocols should be done and put in place.

If you feel unsure of the current state of your pool, you can go through the following checklist at the very minimum.

Do an equipment check:

Filtration – do you require a sand change or cartridge element?

Pumps – any leaks, are they working efficiently?

Skimmer – and hair/lint baskets are they in good order, unbroken and clean? 

Chlorination/Sanitation equipment – is it working to specifications, leaking, require cleaning?

Pool cleaning equipment – hoses, vacuum heads, brushes, scoops, auto cleaners in good order?

If you are unsure of the status of any of these questions, contact your local pool service centre Billabong Pool Service & Supply for swimming pool service on the Sunshine Coast to come out and advise.

Make sure your pool and surroundings are clear of debris, that your skimmer baskets remain clean throughout this period. A walk around your pool once a week will be effective in this process.

Filtration and sanitation go hand in hand, so if the filtration media is dirty, then the sanitation has a tougher job to maintain water quality. This places more demand on chlorine levels unnecessarily. Backwash sand filters, or talk to us about a sand/media change.

For Cartridge type filters, remove and fully clean the filter element and/or after a long swimming season. Perform an overnight soak in a cartridge cleaning solution followed by a significant rinse. Due to lower bather load, the frequency of cleaning can be reduced during the cooler months, but not stopped.

Super Chlorinate with chlorine or other non-chlorine-based oxidants, probably twice a month. It is an important step for keeping your pool water in good condition and killing any waterborne pathogens and realistically takes next to no time.

Algae use phosphates to proliferate, so adding a phosphate remover at this time is helpful in keeping them at bay. It is imperative some form of automated sanitation is fitted and consideration for automated pH control as it is crucial in the overall effectiveness of chlorine efficiency.

Some alternative sanitation processes are UV and Ozone, which are comparable to chlorine sanitation. You can talk to our staff at Billabong Pool Service & Supply for more information. It is then down to you whether you continue to use your pool or not, but we hope this has assisted you to come to an informed decision.

Billabong Pool Service & Supply, like all responsible and professional pool businesses, have put in place our own safety protocols for dealing with the COVID-19 risk. Our company has initiated its own Infection Control Plan, and all staff have been briefed on its implementation.

Sterilisation procedures and safety protocols regarding safe distances and touching surfaces and people have been implemented. Rest assured, no Billabong Pool Service & Supply employee will present a risk to your person or people whilst visiting in or around your pool environment.

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