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Demystifying Mineral Pools

Mineral Pools and Assessment

Mineral Pools

The significant investment in a pool is becoming more complex with a large variety of options available to the consumer. That’s due to the different types of pool surfaces, sanitation, filtration and heightened lifestyle expectations.

The tried and true salt chlorinated or liquid chlorinated pools still have their place, and with innovation, improved control systems and manufacture, are still a benchmark for the industry.

There are some systems that have been around for a long time but have been somewhat in the background. One of these systems, which has seen a significant take up from the consumer, is Mineral Pools Systems.

The Science behind this type of system sounds compelling but confusing to the layperson. You might have questions like: will the initial setup costs prove worthwhile? Can I use my existing equipment to retrofit this type of system on my pool?

A good place to start is to give you some background on what constitutes a mineral pool, what different minerals and elements go into the water and what benefits are claimed for this type of system. On a voyage of discovery, I came across a few examples which I think gives a good explanation of the Mineral Pool story, albeit from a manufacturer’s perspective:

I hope you found the above information helpful. Be aware that it is from a supplier of standalone systems who is presenting this type of pool system in the best possible light. That being said, the information contained in these links are factual.

Come in and see us at Billabong Pool Service & Supply at our three locations on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Maroochydore and Caloundra, QLD. Be aware that the installation or retrofitting of a costly mineral system is not the only solution open to you. If you want to go mineral in your pool or spa, there are reliable solutions available.

We can supply complete Mineral Pool Systems or alternatives, Chlorination, Filtration and pH control, or we can advise if you can convert your existing system. We are always happy to give you the best advice.

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