Safe, Energy-Efficient Underwater Solar Pool Light

Billabong Pool Service has a new solar-powered underwater pool light that’s energy-efficient, sleek, attractive and easy to install. Learn more about it and how to buy.

New Innovations in Underwater Lighting for Sunshine Coast Pool Owners

Night swimming will never be the same again once you install a solar-powered underwater pool light! Billabong Pool Service, the leading supplier of pool accessories on the Sunshine Coast, has a new solar-powered pool light that’s energy-efficient, attractive and easy to install, works automatically and will look great in any pool. Here’s everything you need to know about the LedecSun solar pool light.

Features of LedecSun Solar Underwater Pool Light

The LedecSun underwater solar pool light is the first patented system that operates completely automatically underwater without electrical connections. This means it’s a breeze to install and there’s no electrical hazard when you’re swimming.

The LedecSun features:

  • Lights up 15-20 sqm of pool
  • 7 hours of light @ 320 lumens
  • Less than 4 volts required for operation
  • 310 mm diameter, 12 mm thick
  • 1.2 kg in weight

Pool lighting at its easiest; you will barely know it’s there. The light’s photovoltaic panels collect sunlight during the day and charge the battery. The control electronics automatically activates the light when it gets dark.

Advantages of a Solar Powered Pool Light

A solar-powered light completely eliminates the need for cords and electrical connections. Solar-powered lighting saves you money as it relies on a renewable energy source with minimal energy consumption.

The LedecSun pool light offers pool owners greater flexibility, allowing underwater light in pools where conventional wired light cables have failed or never been installed.

How to Install Your LedecSun Underwater Pool Light

Without wires to worry about, it’s also super easy to install your LedecSun pool light. There’s no need to drill holes and empty the pool. You can simply fix the LedecSun light to the side of your pool using a flexible underwater polymer (provided). The LedecSun can adhere to swimming pools with concrete, paint, fiberglass and/or ceramic tiles.

Ready to Transform Your Pool?

If the LedecSun sounds like the energy-efficient, cost-effective underwater pool light you’ve been looking for, Billabong Pool Service & Supply can help make it happen. To learn more about the product, its cost and how many lights you need for your pool, contact our Sunshine Coast team at (07) 5443 2111.

We also offer many other accessories to make your pool an enjoyable place to spend your leisure time. Check out our website for more information.

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