Some helpful advice on cleaning up swimming pools

Some helpful advice on cleaning up swimming pools after the recent floods across the East Coast of Australia. With the recent heavy rain, winds and floods most pools across the eastern states are full of dirt, debris, mud, silt, and organic contaminants such as phosphates and nitrates. Any chemicals that were in the water would now be completely diluted so it is important to get pools safe and clean as quickly as possible. Algae will be blooming by the hour and as the clean up ramps up we would like to offer some helpful tips on cleaning up green or muddy pools.

Severe Algae Treatment

The most important thing you need to do before you treat the clarity of the water is to kill all the organic contaminants using a registered sanitiser.
Before you treat the pool make sure you get a pool rake or shovel to see if you can remove as many leaves, twigs and fallen debris as possible.
With the pump running. Add 40 Litres of Liquid Chlorine per 40,000 to 60,000 Litres of pool water. (or 5kg of Premium Granular Chlorine).
Add 2 litres of Hydrochloric acid (or more if the pH of the pool was high, to start with).The Chlorine will bleach the colour out of the Algae leaving the pool cloudy grey.
Brush floor and walls thoroughly.  Even if you cannot see into the pool. The algae must be in the volume of the pool water, for the Chlorine to kill it.
After 2 hours add 5 Litres of Alge Knock-Out Algaecide and run the pump for the next 24 hours.
The filter will need a really good backwash.
After this treatment the water will be grey and murky. You will most likely then need to floc the pool or use a Filter Aid to remove the dissolved particles as quickly as possible.
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Remember, once the pool is clear and back to normal the Phosphate levels will be sky high.
Add Starver X as the first stage of the Phosphate Removal program and then back it up every week with a dose of Starver M.
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