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10 Great Ways To Light A Swimming Pool This Summer!!

At Billabong Pool Service & Supply, we are the Sunshine Coast Pool Problem Solvers.

10 Great Ways to Light Your QLD Swimming Pool this Summer

At Billabong Pool Service & Supply, we are the Sunshine Coast Pool Problem Solvers. We often get questions about LED pool lights and how to make pools safer as well as more inviting. A pool is great for relaxing and entertaining, and you can elevate the experience even more with the best swimming pool lights. If you’re looking to upgrade your pool this summer, check out all the different ways you can light your pool.

1. Solar Pool Lights

Billabong Pool Service & Supply is the local leader in solar pool lights and pool equipment. We proudly distribute LedecSun solar pool lights that store up to one hour of sunlight per hour of exposure to make night-time swimming safe and fun – no cables needed!

2. Deck Lighting

While LED pool lights using solar power are popular and low-cost, deck lighting is also a possibility, but it will cost more. You will need a professional to drill lights into the pool deck for a luxurious, long-lasting look.


3. Moonlighting

Moonlighting involves placing lights in the roof gables and trees surrounding the pool to create the illusion of moonlight. If you like the idea but prefer LED lights, tryLedecSun solar pool lights in the Moonlight colour.

4. Flickering Flames

Statement fire pits and fire bowls create flickering lights for a warm, cosy appeal which is perfect for swimming in late summer and early autumn.

5. Tree Lighting

Decorate palm trees or other plants near your pool to light the area and bring extra twinkle to your backyard swimming spot.

6. Walkway Lights

Walkway lights such as recessed spotlights in the raised decking leading out to your pool will make it easier to navigate in the dark.

7. Wall Lights

Consider installing extra wall lights on the exterior of your home to shine more light on the pool’s surface.

8. Lanterns

Placing lanterns around the perimeter of your pool elevates the ambience for a relaxing, romantic feel.

9. Pendants

If you have a covered patio or gazebo nearby, try adding pendant and fairy lights to illuminate the pool area.

10. Undercap LED Pool Lights

Undercap LED lights can be installed in different places depending on the design of your backyard and pool. Pool stairs, benches and fire pits are all good options.

Shop for Swimming Pool Lights on the Sunshine Coast

Enjoy an awesome summer of safe swimming fun with the best solar pool lights. Shop for new swimming pool lights from Billabong Pool Service & Supply today.

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