Costly pool mistakes

8 Ways to Avoid Costly Pool Repairs

At Billabong Pool Service and Supply, based on the Sunshine Coast, we offer a comprehensive range of swimming pool repairs and pool-related services.

Because of our experience in the industry, we have found that there are a few common mistakes people make when it comes to their pool repairs. As such, in this post we outline eight maintenance tips that will help you avoid needing repairs the first place. 


Always Clean the Filter

Regularly cleaning your pool filter is one way to ensure you won’t need swimming pool repairs any time soon. Otherwise, it can put a strain on your equipment and you will need pool or spa repairs.


But Not Too Often

That said, you can clean your filter too often. As your filter needs to build up a certain amount of pressure to maintain an optimal cleaning level, you don’t want to be too pedantic with regular cleaning. About once a week is enough if you use your pool regularly. If you run into problems, feel free to call us for maintenance tips and pool repairs Sunshine Coast-wide.


Clean the Pool Walls

If you let algae build up on your pool walls and floors, it can be tough to remove. To avoid the issue and maintain swimming pool servicing best practice, brush the walls and floor of the pool surface or run a pool cleaner every few weeks.


Run Your Pool Pumps for Long Enough

Text: Another essential part of swimming pool servicing is to ensure that you run your pumps for long enough every day. That’s about 4 hours per day in the winter and 8 hours per day in the summer. This keeps your swimming pool healthy.


Check the Chemical Balance

Text: You will naturally check the chemical balance when you put new chemicals in, but did you know you should check it at least twice a week? Check your chemical balance regularly, so you can adjust accordingly and avoid pool or spa repairs.


Shock Your Pool After Heavy Use

Heavy use can use up the chlorine in your swimming pool water. The process used to correct this is known as ‘super chlorination’, where you add an amount of chlorine to increase the free chlorine level residual to at least10ppm also monitor pH level and adjust as required, then run the filter for a few hours. Try this after a pool party or a family summer BBQ.


Add Chemicals at Night

Adding your chemicals in the hottest part of the day will cause some to evaporate and throw off the balance in your pool. Add them at night to avoid this. If you’re having trouble, contact us for a professional pool service Sunshine Coast-wide.


Maintain the Water Level

Exposed pumps can lead to damage and the need for pool equipment repairs. Regularly check the water levels at least once a month to stop this from happening. If you run into problems, we offer comprehensive pool equipment repairs from an experienced team.

If you still have issues with your pool, contact us online for a high-quality pool service Sunshine Coast-wide.

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