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Choosing a Quality Swimming Pool Repair Company in Sunshine Coast

Maintaining a swimming pool requires a great deal of experience and specialised knowledge

Maintaining a swimming pool requires a great deal of experience and specialised knowledge. At Billabong Pool Service & Supply, we advise our customers to avoid cutting corners when it comes to choosing a pool repair services as poorly conducted pool maintenance can lead to further damage and increased costs. Read on for our guide on how to identify a reliable pool repair company, and how it can benefit you. 


Choose an Authorised Pool Repair Agent

We recommend opting for a pool repair company which performs all its repairs in-house for best results. Ensure that your pool repair agent is an authorised repair agent for well-known equipment manufacturers. 


Superior Service Standards

Top quality pool maintenance service providers like Billabong Pool Service are well versed in a range of services such as equipment installation, upgrades and repairs. Check to ensure that your service provider can address every issue your pool faces such as water quality, filter repairs, structural maintenance and water return systems. A pool is a complex system, and every aspect plays a critical role. Always ask whether your service provider is up to date with the latest regulations and industry standards. 


Experience Counts 

Call, e-mail or visit your pool repair service provider or ask them about the experience they have with different kinds of swimming pools, equipment and chemicals. A pool repair company with 40 years of experience and a QBCC Licence must mean something and will give you an indication of how solution oriented and customer focused they are. A company that prioritises customer service is easier to work with and is motivated to provide you the highest standards of pool maintenance. 


Covid 19 Health and Safety

The pandemic requires all of us to pull together to create a safe environment for our communities. Ask your pool repair service provider about their infection control and sanitation protocols to ensure that their work is carried out in a contact free environment where safety is a priority.


Pool Repair Services and Supply in Queensland

Billabong Pool Service and Supply was established in 1978 and has built its reputation on the highest standards of customer service and technical expertise. So, we tick all the boxes. Contact us today to find out about our unique approach to pool repair and how decades of experience have made us an industry leader in Queensland. 

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