Create a Dreamy Atmosphere with Swimming Pool Lights

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If your pool is the highlight of your backyard, there’s no doubt that it deserves an array of swimming pool lights to truly make it stand out. Although pool lights are an absolute must as a safety feature, they are more than just functional pool accessories. Pool lights come in a number of shapes, sizes and types, which makes them a wonderful way to enhance aesthetic appeal, especially at night. For decades, Billabong Pool Service and Supply has been a proud distributor of high-quality pool lights in Queensland, and in this article, we explore the ways in which pool lights can be used to create a breathtaking ambience, right there in your backyard. 

Types of Swimming Pool Lights 

When it comes to different swimming pool lights, the possibilities are practically endless. 

Flush-Mounted Underwater LED Lights

Flush mounted lights are installed inside the pool’s wall, which makes them a subtle, understated way of adding colour. 

Surface-Mounted Underwater LED Lights

These pool lights are easier to install, and are an excellent way to upgrade outdated pool lighting. Although they are more susceptible to damage, they add a striking visual element and enhance the safety of a pool. 

Above Surface Pool Lighting

There’s much more to pool lighting than underwater lights. One of the best ways to ‘frame’ your pool is by installing above water lights around the edges. These lights act as visual cues for swimmers, transform poolside aesthetics, and even accentuate the best features of your garden. 

LED Flood Lights 

As the name suggests, flood lights are specially designed to illuminate a large area. These lights are generally used for safety purposes in pool areas with dim lighting. 

LedecSun Pool Lights

LedecSun solar pool lights are easy to install and can be fitted to the surface of every type of pool in Queensland. These lights are known for their impressive performance and boast a runtime of up to 7 hours. Installing these lights requires no cabling, drilling or emptying of the pool as each light is fixed in place using a waterproof adhesive. 

High-Performance Solar Pool Lights for Queensland Homes

Choosing the right combination of pool lights can enhance the safety of your pool while transforming the aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking for pro tips on pool light setups, or energy efficient solar lights for your home, contact Billabong Pool Service and Supply today. 

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