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Getting Pool Water Chemistry Right on the Sunshine Coast

Getting your pool water chemistry right is so important for the health of your Sunshine Coast pool. Find out more with Billabong Pool Service and Supply.

It might not be one of the first things you think about swimming pool servicing, but getting your pool water chemistry right and accurately interpreting the results of testing is one of the most important ways you can keep your pool in great condition over many years. The right balance of chemicals in your water will help to preserve your pool. Billabong Pool Service and Supply has years of experience in achieving just that.

Why Is Water Chemistry So Important?

Your pool is vulnerable to harm from chemical imbalances. Acidity in the water causes erosion while other imbalances can cause the formation of scale. A prolonged period without good water balance can seriously damage every aspect of your pool, resulting in major repairs (and associated costs) that could easily have been saved with proper maintenance.

What’s more, poor water balance can cause algae growth, leading to unsightly green sludge or cloudy water in your pool. Aside from the unappealing aspect of murky water and algae, these conditions can also lead to harmful bacteria that can be a health risk to swimmers.

The chemical balance of your water can be affected by local conditions, changes in weather and a range of other factors, meaning it can change significantly over time. That’s why it’s so important to regularly test your water and to understand what the results mean so you can take the appropriate action.

How Do You Achieve Water Balance?

Accurate testing using reliable equipment is the first step to assessing the current state of your pool water, and determining whether you have the correct balance. To do that well, you need a professional who understands the implications of a range of results from water testing.

As an example of good practice, Billabong Pool Service and Supply relies on quality testing equipment from Taylor® Technologies, which has consistently shown accurate results. No periodic calibration or adjustment is needed to guarantee accuracy with this state-of-the-art product.

In order to meet the chemical balancing criteria of the Langellier Index, we also use the LoChlor Water Management System, which is considered among the best in the industry.

Once testing is complete, our knowledgeable team applies the findings to account for regional conditions, current and future climate impacts, and any other elements unique to your pool. We then deliver a bespoke course of action that will achieve water balance for your pool.

Professional Pool and Spa Water Testing

If you want to keep your pool in exceptional condition for years to come, then the best investment you can make is in professional pool water testing and chemical balance solutions from a knowledgeable and experienced team.

We use a NATA-approved laboratory for Micro-Biological testing of water samples taken from pools and spas from various properties on a regular basis, which is in line with local health regulation and ensures we can deliver highly accurate testing.

If you notice that your pool water is causing skin irritation, algae growth or scale formation then contact an expert as soon as possible. The problem won’t go away on its own and will end up costing you far more in the long run than the price of water testing and chemical balancing now.

We have a variety of chemicals to rectify the problem that are both affordable and high-quality. Our bulk chemical pricing delivers excellent value for commercial customers and efficient delivery is guaranteed.

A Comprehensive Service

For over 40 years, we have serviced resort and unit complex swimming pools as well as providing services for individual customers. We have a wealth of knowledge about pool equipment, likely pool problems, water chemistry corrections and the demands of the Sunshine Coast's climatic conditions.

We hold QBCC license number 69021 and are registered with QBuild for work on Government properties. Our technicians are either NSPI accredited or Supervised by a Manager who is accredited in ‘Swimming pool & Spa water maintenance technology’, in line with Queensland Health and the Local Council Association requirements. We are also registered as a compliant contractor with Lend Lease, Sodexo/Rapid Global, Aveo, BCSBlue, Whittles, Ingenia Communities, Arm-CC, Community Select as well as others.

Our swimming pool servicing has helped pool owners across the local area for many years and that’s why so many of them come back to us time and time again for pool maintenance.

Book a swimming pool servicing from experts who can deliver the water chemistry solutions you need. Contact Billabong Pool Service and Supply online, or call our team at your local office: Maroochydore 07 5443 2111, Noosaville 07 5449 7855 or Caloundra 07 5438 1588.

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