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Health Hazards of a Dirty Swimming Pool

It’s not a pleasant thought, but it is important to point out that a swimming pool can be home to many germs and bacteria which can cause a range of...

It’s not a pleasant thought, but it is important to point out that a swimming pool can be home to many germs and bacteria which can cause a range of waterborne illnesses. When contaminated water is inhaled or swallowed, or encounters broken skin, it can cause health problems which can turn serious within a short period of time. Stay in touch with your swimming pool professionals to conduct regular pool maintenance to ensure that your water is safe for friends and family. Some common health problems caused by contaminated water are listed below.



Cryptosporidium is resistant to chlorine, can be present even in well-maintained pools and requires specialists like Billabong Pool Service who can deal with it effectively. Exposure to water with cryptosporidium can cause serious diarrhea which can take several weeks to cure.



Giardia is a parasite which infects the gastrointestinal tract and causes symptoms such as vomiting, persistent diarrhea and bloating which can last for weeks. 


E. coli

E. coli is the most common cause of illness from swimming pools and is spread through small particles of animal or human faecal matter. The bacterium Escherichia Coli multiplies quickly, thriving in poorly maintained pool water and is responsible for causing serious illness including kidney failure and extreme gastric discomfort in extreme cases. 



We recommend pool vacuums and high quality pool filters which are effective at removing even small particles of faecal matter to prevent the spread of infection causing salmonella bacteria. Salmonella causes serious gastric disease and can be stopped by ensuring that your pool’s water is well circulated with the right pH balance and sanitation level. 


Hepatitis A

Rare but one of the more serious diseases caused by dirty pool water is Hepatitis A. Swallowing contaminated water can cause jaundice like symptoms, problems with liver function and extreme fever.


Trusted Swimming Pool Professionals in Sunshine Coast

Diseases can be caused by poorly maintained swimming pool water, but pathogens can easily be introduced into the cleanest and well-kept pool water, so vigilance is essential. Billabong Pool Service and Supply has the resources available to perform microbiological test of swimming pools. We have decades of experience ensuring that the water in your swimming pool is always perfectly balanced and circulated to ensure that it remains crystal clear and safe for use. Call or email us for information on cleaning your pool, and to discuss other pool accessories such as dolphin pool cleaners and solar or LED pool lights.  

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