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How Often Should I Turn My Pool Lights On?

Swimming pool lights are an important feature of any pool for a number of reasons.

Swimming pool lights are an important feature of any pool for a number of reasons. They make the pool look fantastic, allow users to swim in the pool after it gets dark, and play an important role in the security of the pool. As one can imagine, having a body of water that is not lit up after dark could be quite dangerous! In this article, Billabong Pool Service and Supply discuss how often swimming pool lights should be turned on while exploring new energy-efficient solutions such as solar pool lights.

Swimming Pool Lights for Security

Swimming pool lights are a vital part of security around your home. For this reason, you should set your pool lights to come on every night, regardless of whether you are using your pool or not. You can have different types of lights in and around your pool that you use for security purposes and for entertainment purposes. For example, the security lights can be dimmer, hence saving you energy and money on electricity bills.

Pool Lights and Entertainment

Enjoying a swim after dark on a hot summer's day is one of Australia's favourite pastimes. In order for you to do this, you need to have some good pool lighting that illuminates the space and allows you to properly enjoy your swim. Underwater lights make your pool look incredible and offer extensive room for decorative displays such as coloured lights and moving lights to create an even more unique environment.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

In summer, Australians use their pools almost every day, especially over the school holiday period. Lighting your pool each night can therefore be a costly and high-energy use thing to do. Using solar pool lights as an alternative can not only reduce your carbon footprint but also considerably lower your electricity costs and bills each month. There are a number of solar pool lights on the market now that provide ample levels of light and come in different sizes, strengths and designs.

To find out more about energy-efficient lighting for your pool, get in contact with our trusted team of experts today.

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