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Invest in the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner This Coming Summer

Getting your pool ready for summer is exciting but it can also mean a lot of work.

Getting your pool ready for summer is exciting but it can also mean a lot of work. If you’d rather see this work done for you while you sit poolside soaking up the sun with an icy drink in hand, invest in a premium quality robotic pool cleaner. 

At Billabong Pool Service and Supply, we specialise in offering up the best robotic pool cleaner options available, including the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. Take the tedious, time consuming task of pool maintenance off your hands and enjoy a clean, clear pool with minimal fuss. 


Better Quality Cleaning

A robotic pool cleaner not only looks high-tech and impressive, but they really do a better job than other automatic cleaners. With products like the Dolphin pool cleaner offering intelligent, programmable features, these smart little machines work diligently and independently. 

Brushing, vacuuming, and filtering happens all at once, in one smart little machine, allowing for an all-round, high quality cleaning operation that leaves no spots untouched.


Save Power

Robotic pool cleaners work independently from the pool’s filtration system, eliminating the energy usage required to pump water through metres of piping for filtering. These smart devices utilise low voltage to effectively minimise energy consumption.


Save Water

A robotic pool cleaner also saves water by filtering and removing debris autonomously from your pool's circulation pump. This prevents the primary filter in your pool from clogging, meaning the system requires fewer backwashes.


Reduce Chemical Use

Robotic pool cleaners come with advanced brushing features that polish and scrub the entire surface of your pool up to the water line, washing away undesirable debris. Any debris is vacuumed up by the robotic pool cleaner, rather than sending it to the pool’s filtration system, where it sits and contributes to cloudier water. This means you don't need to add as many chemicals to get crystal-clear water, making your pool healthier for everyone.


Get a Quality Dolphin Pool Cleaner from Billabong

Billabong Pool Service and Supply has a long history of working with the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner on the Sunshine Coast. We're one of the few dealers to offer the full range of Dolphin pool cleaners to both domestic and commercial customers. 

Book a demo today or contact our team online for more information.

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