Two underwater led lights glowing in the water.

Light it Up with LED Pool Lights

Create a unique, stunning atmosphere for night-time poolside entertainment with well-positioned swimming pool lights.

Create a unique, stunning atmosphere for night-time poolside entertainment with well-positioned swimming pool lights. Make your pool just as inviting after the sun goes down, as it is in the middle of a summer’s day. LED pool lights not only improve pool safety but make your pool the focal point of your backyard, both day and night.

Billabong Pool Services and Supply proudly distribute LedecSun solar pool lights to customers on the Sunshine Coast and throughout Australia. These innovative LED pool lights can be glued on using a special underwater adhesive, providing a convenient, cost-effective way to light up your pool. 


Light Placement

From wall-mounted lights inside the pool to lighting in the surrounding area of the pool, there are a wide range of options, depending on the functionality and atmosphere you want to achieve. When choosing the amount of lighting and light placement, consider the:

  • Pool shape and size
  • Existing lighting in the area around your pool
  • Aesthetics you want to achieve in you pool area

For example, a pool in a rural area with less ambient light sources will typically require more lighting than if you live in a more populated city or town. The shape of the pool is another essential consideration for ensuring all sections are appropriately and evenly lit. 


Improve Pool Safety

Pool lighting enables you to get more enjoyment out of your pool after dark while also ensuring safety. When planning how many swimming pool lights to install and where, ensure the pool will be well-lit enough to be clearly visible at night, while avoiding blind spots.


Complementary Lighting

To maximise safety, functionality and aesthetics, it’s also a good idea to use complementary lighting around the pool and in other areas of your backyard. For example, lighting along paths to the pool, in garden beds surrounding the pool and focus lighting on any statues or other feature pieces.


Benefits of LedecSun Solar Pool Lights

LedecSun solar pool lights can be installed in minutes by simply attaching them to the surface of the pool. These energy efficient LED lights are perfect for creating the atmosphere of your choice with deep blue lighting or warm, moonlight style lighting. Each LedecSun pool light can illuminate 15 to 20 square metres of space in the pool, lasting up to 7 hours when fully charged by the sun.


LED Pool Lights from Billabong Pool Service and Supply

Get LecdecSun LED pool lights from Billabong Pool Service and Supply on the Sunshine Coast or order online with free delivery across Australia. Whether you’re building a new pool or are looking to refresh an existing one, these solar pool lights are ideal for any pool surface in chlorinated, salt chlorinated and ionised pools. 

Explore the range of LecdecSun swimming pool lights or contact us online for more information.

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