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Robotic Cleaner Maintenance Guide

Welcome to our maintenance guide!  Learn more about the Dolphin pool cleaner, including how it works and how to maintain it.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner Maintenance Guide

If you’re in the market for the best robotic pool cleaner, you’re in luck. Billabong Pool Service & Supply is the Sunshine Coast’s leader in pool equipment and maintenance solutions, and we proudly carry the full Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaner range. Welcome to our maintenance guide!  Learn more about the Dolphin pool cleaner, including how it works and how to maintain it.

How to Use the Dolphin Pool Cleaner

As leaders in pool equipment, we can’t praise the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner enough. This advanced cleaning technology offers easy maintenance and long-lasting results. While there are several innovative models to choose from, each one takes just a few simple steps to set up and start using. Once you’ve connected to the power supply, simply place the cleaner in the pool and let it sink to the floor, then switch the power supply on. The Dolphin will do its job, cleaning the pool automatically until the end of the pre-programmed cycle.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Maintenance

Dolphin robotic pool cleaner technology is designed to make it much easier to take care of your pool. You can let the Dolphin do its job instead of manually cleaning the pool each week. To get the best results with this smart pool cleaner, however, you will want to keep your Dolphin well-maintained, too. Thanks to Maytronics’ technology, there isn’t much for you to do apart from clean the filter, which should be done after each cycle. Open the filter cover, lift the dual filter basket out and remove debris. You can clean the basket with a hose before returning the filter to its original position. Keep in mind that the impeller may also need to be cleaned if debris is trapped inside.

Safe Storage for Automatic Pool Cleaner

If you don’t plan to use your pool for a while, follow these offseason storage tips to best protect your Dolphin. Make sure no water is left inside the cleaner and check the cartridges for debris. Roll up the cable and keep the cleaner upright on the caddy, out of the direct sun or rain. When you’re ready to clean your pool again, the Dolphin should be in good condition. If you have any more questions about the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, please feel free to get in touch.

Get Your Dolphin Pool Cleaner on The Sunshine Coast

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