Solar LED Pool Lights in Australia

Solar LED Pool Lights in Australia's Sunshine Coast

LedecSun pool lights are easy to install, cost-effective and energy efficient. Contact Billabong Pool Service and Supply in Queensland to buy them today!

The importance of investing in quality pool lights cannot be understated. Not only do these lights enhance the safety of your pool area, they also have the potential to elevate ambience and turn your backyard into a unique entertaining area. Here at Billabong Pool Service and Supply, we have simplified the pool lighting process by providing customers with LedecSun solar pool lights that are high-quality, sustainable and incredibly convenient to use. Contact us today to find out why we are a proud distributor of LedecSun’s game changing solar LED pool lights in Australia. 

Why Choose LedecSun Pool Lights? 

Unlike other solar LED pool lights in Australia, the LedecSun range of lights is packed full of unique features such as: 

Easy to Install 

Save time and money on hiring an electrical contractor with LedecSun lights. These lights can be installed without the need for cabling, drilling or even emptying the pool. Each light is easy to install with the help of a powerful underwater adhesive that works in every kind of pool. Whether you’ve got chlorinated, salt chlorinated or ionised water, these lights can be set up in any and all pool conditions. 

The lights can be installed by anyone by simply applying the adhesive to the back surface of the lights and then pressing them against the wall of the pool. 

Exceptional Performance 

LedecSun lights are capable of effectively illuminating a 15-20 square metre area with a remarkable runtime of up to 7 hours. 

Sustainable Lighting 

What truly sets LedecSun lights apart from their competitors is the high-quality solar systems they use. These lights require no wiring, instead, they absorb energy directly from the sun and use it to power lights that have an output of 320 lumens. With that level of brightness, LedecSun lights play a dual role as decorative and safety lights while providing unprecedented energy savings. 

Comprehensive Warranty 

While LedecSun’s quality products have made them a household name for pool lights, it’s the comprehensive 2 year warranty that truly inspires trust. The manufacturer’s warranty offers immediate replacement of lights in the event of any defects or failures. 

High-Performance Solar LED Pool Lights in Australia

Get in touch with Billabong Pool Service and Supply for competitively priced LedecSun pool lights in Queensland at competitive rates. We specialise in the installation, repair and maintenance of all types of pool lighting.

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