Summer Time Fun- Summer Time = Swim Time

Summer time is Christmas, School Holidays. It’s about getting out with the kids and grand kids and jumping in the pool on a hot summer’s day having fun.

It’s Fun like;

·Marco Polo

·Pool volley ball

·Inflatable Pool Animal Races

·Retrieving weighted rings from the bottom of the pool

·Jousting with the with the other kids from atop Dad’s shoulders.


It’s Relaxing like;

·Slipping into the pool after mowing the lawns or working in the garden

·A night time dip to beat the stifling humidity.

·Just the thing after a BBQ

·Floating around on a lie-low reading a good book.

·A bit of water aerobics.


What can ruin the above fun and relaxation;

·Is a pool that is not, bacteria free

·Is a pool that is, irritating to swimmers eyes, nose and skin

·Is a pool that is not, free from Algae

·Is a pool that is not, crystal clear or free from taste and or odour.

·Is a pool that is not, chemically balanced.

Have you been looking after your pool during winter? Have you neglected a little too long. So let me go through a few salient points you may need to address.

Clean the cover

If you have a cover you’re going to need access to your pool. But you want to make sure that all the leaves, twigs, dust, and other debris that’s accumulated on your pool cover over the long wintry months are not going to end up inside your pool creating even more work for you.

Using your Vac Pole with a nylon brush, wipe down the top of the pool cover and drain off any water that may have pooled on the top during winter. Don’t empty that water back into your swimming pool – it’s probably got plenty of unwanted nasties in it from sitting still in the sun so long

· Top it up

You may find the water level in your swimming pool has dropped a bit since the last summer. Fill it up again until the water level hits about 3/4 the way up the skimmer opening.

Once you’ve filled the pool back up, let the water circulate for at least eight hours so new and old water combines.

· Balance the water chemistry

This is the most crucial part of preparing your pool for summer. Before you dive-bomb into your backyard aquatic splendour, you need to make sure the water is healthy for you and your guests. That means no nasties such as bacteria and algae. Free Chlorine levels, Total Chlorine levels, and pHwill ensure the pool is sanitised correctly.

You will also need to test the following to ensure total pool health, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Phosphate levels. If applicable, salt or mineral salt levels for salt chlorinated pools. Copper levels in Ionised controlled pools, pool stabiliser level where applicable

To properly test your pool I recommend you bring a water sample into Billabong Pool Service and Supply , if you are on the Sunshine Coast. Or to your local pool professional if you are elsewhere. If you have an Algal problem after taking your cover off we are in the best position to advise you how to fix the problem, or attended your pool and sort it out for you.

· Shock it!

If you’ve had a pool for a while, you’ll be familiar with the term ‘shock treatment’. It simply means raising the chlorine level of your pool beyond 5 ppm to oxidise all the dead algae, bacteria and skin cells the chlorine has killed in your pool. You should really shock your pool every week or so during the height of pool use. Shock your pool using an oxidiser – with chlorine or other alternatives. Consult Billabong Pool Service and Supply or your local pool professional they will be able to advise you of those alternatives and the quantities needed.

· Put in some elbow grease

Now is the time to be putting in some strong elbow grease to scrub your pool up for the new swimming season. Clean out your baskets and backwash or clean out the filter. A clogged filter means the water won’t flow freely, so the pump has to work harder keeping the pool clean, which will likely wear the pump out faster.

Does your pool have tiles that look grubby over time? Scrub the tile grout with baking soda and a sponge, or pool tile cleaner. Stay away from household cleaners their chemicals aren’t made to be swum in!

This is also when you want to rub down the deck, pavers, or lawn that surrounds your pool. Remove any twigs or leaves surrounding the pool area, so when you take the cover off your pool will stay clean just that bit longer. It’s also a good idea to trim any overhanging branches.

If you have a timber deck, see that it’s in solid condition. Check to see if it’s stained, cracked or worn – it may need re-coating. Wash your surface with washing detergent and water.

Billabong Pool Service and Supply has been helping people with their pools for 40 years. If you really want to have fun and feel relaxed with the knowledge your pool is the best it can be, we at Billabong Pool Service and Supply are here to help this summer, and all year round.




SUmmer Time Fun

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