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The 3 Benefits of Solar Powered Pool Lighting in the Sunshine Coast

Solar-powered LED swimming pool lights are vastly superior when it comes to lighting your pool. Billabong Pool Services & Supply discuss the benefits of solar.

The 3 Benefits of Solar Powered Pool Lighting on the Sunshine Coast

An ingenious way to save energy, money and the planet, is to invest in solar powered swimming pool LED lighting for your indoor or outdoor pool. Whether your swimming pool is a commercial pool, a public community pool or a residential pool for private use, LED lighting is the right choice. This is due to it being efficient, cost-effective, aesthetic and environmentally friendly! Here at Billabong Pool Services & Supply on the Sunshine Coast, our friendly team is armed and ready with the best pool accessories on the market, including superior LED lighting for your pool, so you can enjoy this summer in style. 

1. Saves Energy

The use of solar pool lights means that instead of nasty batteries or cords running electricity near your pool, your lighting is powered by the sun! This is not only much safer but is also energy-efficient, as the cost and use of the batteries or electricity, is unaccounted for. When installing LED solar pool lights, there is no need for underwater cabling, pool draining or drilling, saving the need of any replacement or maintenance you may need with any other type of pool lighting. It’s a real no brainer that solar LED lighting is the best choice for your pool. 

2. Saves Money & Time

With no cords, no batteries, no maintenance and no experts required, you will of course save money and time with the installation of solar pool lights. Here at Billabong Pool Services & Supply, we provide the whole of the Sunshine Coast with our high-quality LedecSun Solar Pool Lights and we offer a 2-year warranty on them, so you’re worries are less than none! Don’t waste your money on lights that won’t last, save time and call the professionals in all things pool accessories!

3. Makes Your Pool Sustainable

Lastly, with solar LED pool lighting in your swimming pool, you will be doing your bit against climate change. Make the responsible, sustainable choice and choose to source your power, your aesthetic and your summer fun, from the sun!

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