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The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner on the Sunshine Coast

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Pool cleaning technology has certainly come a long way over the decades, but there’s no doubt that choosing the right cleaning machine for your pool can be overwhelming. With the sheer number of pool cleaners out there, each boasting an array of dazzling features, you might need a trusted expert like Billabong Pool Service and Supply to help you make the right choice. As Queensland’s preferred pool and spa repair specialists, we’ve put together a list of the best pool cleaners that are currently available on the market. 

Versatile Pool Cleaners in Queensland 

In this section, we outline the pros and cons of the most popular robotic pool cleaners in Australia. 

Dolphin M400 

The Dolphin M400 is considered the best robotic pool cleaner on the market for good reason. It is exceptional at climbing walls and scrubbing the waterline, and comes with filters that are remarkably easy to clean. The attractive set-and-forget scheduling function allows users to plan automatic cleaning cycles for the week. Famous for its long warranty and excellent lifespan, the Dolphin M400 model will suit every kind of pool type in Australia. 

Pentair Prowler 920

The Pentair Prowler 920 is a lightweight unit that handles small and large debris with ease. It is more than capable of cleaning walls and waterlines, and is especially easy to store and transport. While some users report issues with complete pool area coverage and dirty water output, it nevertheless remains a popular option for pool owners in Australia. 

Zodiac CX20

The Zodiac CX20 is a remarkably quiet pool cleaner with a relatively fast cleaning cycle and excellent pool area coverage. This lightweight machine’s filtering capabilities can be enhanced by purchasing optional 100 micron filters. 

Robo-Tek Robo-Plus

The Robo-Tek Robo-Plus comes with a transport caddy and an extended 3 year warranty that covers damage to the motor. It is excellent at filtering large and small debris, and the brand itself consistently receives good reviews for its customer service. 

High-Quality Robotic Pool Cleaners for All Types of Pools 

Get in touch with Billabong Pool Service and Supply today for tried-and-tested advice from experts on how to choose the best pool cleaner for your Queensland pool. 

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