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The Importance of Swimming Pool Servicing

There is no doubt that building a swimming pool is a significant investment which requires a great deal of technical ability and expertise

There is no doubt that building a swimming pool is a significant investment which requires a great deal of technical ability and expertise. It is a complex system with many structural and mechanical components which must work together to ensure that your pool equipment functions the way it should. Billabong Pool Service and Supply explains why pool maintenance is so important to an optimal swimming pool system.


Maintaining Your Pool Hardware

Over time, pool equipment experiences a great deal of wear and tear and requires regular maintenance and failure to address potential issues can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. An experienced pool repair company will assist you with a maintenance schedule built around the service requirements of your pool equipment from filtration to your LED pool lights.


Water Balance

Maintaining the right water balance in your pool is critical to keeping your pool’s water safe for use. Pool maintenance professionals will test your water regularly to check chemical balance and adjust it as required. If left unchecked, imbalances in water chemistry can lead to irritation of the skin, uncontrolled growth of algae and other health issues which make the pool unusable. Restoring water quality becomes increasingly difficult if ignored for a long period of time. 


The Importance of a Clean Pool Liner

If your pool is used often, you may find that the liner of your pool has a thin film building on top of it over time. This film is created by a build-up of sweat, gel, sunscreen and other chemicals that wash off the bodies of those swimming in your pool. If this thin film is ignored, it builds up over time and can cause the liner of your pool to corrode, leading to major problems that can arise suddenly. 


Maintaining the Pool Filter 

The filter of your pool works continuously to sieve out small debris that fall into your pool. However, larger debris can damage pool filters as filters are not designed for large objects. If large debris are allowed to clog the filter, they can slow down or even permanently damage your filter leading to cloudy water and expensive repairs. 


Call Billabong Pool Service and Supply for the very best pool equipment upgrade, repair and maintenance services in Sunshine Coast. Our team of dedicated experts provide end-to-end poor repair solutions with the highest standards of customer service. 

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