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Tips for Pool Repairs and Maintenance in Sunshine Coast

Pool maintenance is about improving circulation, filtration and chemistry. Call Billabong Pool Service and Supply in Queensland for quality pool services.

When it comes to keeping your pool in excellent condition, pool experts across the country agree that it’s all about circulation, filtration and chemistry. These are the three aspects that determine the health of your pool and luckily, each one can be monitored and even improved by the pool owner themselves. In this article, Billabong Pool Service and Supply provides some tried-and-tested tips on how to improve the appearance and safety of your pool. In case your pool is showing signs of severe damage such as cracks or extremely poor water quality, contact us for pool repairs in Sunshine Coast. 

Maintenance Tips for Queensland Pools

Pool maintenance doesn't have to be a daunting process, with these handy tips, you can ensure that your pool looks good and feels good all throughout summer. 

Clean Debris 

We recommend cleaning your pool at least once a week to remove any debris that may collect above and below the water. A thorough pool cleaning should include vacuuming to remove dirt and algae, brushing the walls of the pool including steps and floors, and checking the water’s surface regularly. 

Check Water Level 

A simple way to manage the chemistry of a pool is to maintain a consistent water level. Most pool owners overlook this aspect, allowing the water level to rise or fall dramatically. This can lead to pump water flow problems that will hamper a pool filter’s ability to function properly. 

Maintain Your Pool Filter 

Regular maintenance of your pool’s filter is the best way to keep the water looking clear and healthy. However, filter cleaning is often overlooked, which leads to warning signs like poor flow, cloudy water and inefficient cleaning of the water. 

Hire a Pool Repair Specialist 

The best way to maintain the quality of your pool all year round is to hire a pool repair specialist like Billabong Pool Service and Supply. Our team conducts regular checks of your pool’s water chemistry, ensures that your filters are working well, and even performs repairs of cracks and other structural issues that may arise. 

Contact us today to speak with a team of experts in pool repairs in Sunshine Coast.

Experienced Specialists for Pool Repairs in Sunshine Coast

Billabong Pool Service and Supply is fully equipped with the latest tools and expertise to provide efficient, affordable pool maintenance services. Contact us today to have your swimming pool cleaned, or get in touch about cutting-edge pool accessories. 

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