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Tips for Selecting the Best Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming pool lights can do wonders for transforming the atmosphere of your pool and adding a touch of luxury.

Swimming pool lights can do wonders for transforming the atmosphere of your pool and adding a touch of luxury. They allow you to extend the duration of your swim while also improving the safety, by enhancing visibility within the pool.

Billabong Pool Service and Supply stocks a range of beautiful, mood-enhancing lighting for your outdoor or indoor pool. If you’re thinking of adding swimming pool lights to your nightly swims, check out these tips on what to look for when shopping around.


LED Pool Lights

There are two main options when it comes to swimming pool lighting: Halogen and LED lights. Light-emitting diodes or LED lighting has revolutionised lighting, whether in our homes or in our pools. They have a longer lifespan, emit less heat, offer greater design flexibility, and are far more efficient than halogen lighting. Opt for LED pool lights to ensure a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution.


Solar Pool Lights

Solar pool lights eliminate the ongoing costs of lighting up your pool, while also simplifying installation. They are also powerful and reliable. For example, a single LedecSun solar pool light can illuminate approximately 15 to 20 square metres of space in your pool, while having a runtime of 7 hours at 320 lumens provided when they receive 7 hours of sun exposure. 


Ease of Installation

By finding the right product, installation can be fast and hassle free. Installing LedecSun solar pool lights is as simple as attaching them to the surface of the pool using the provided underwater adhesive. You can do it yourself rather than needing an electrician, as it eliminates the need for any drilling, wiring, or emptying of the pool water. 


Colour Options

Another benefit of LED pool lights is that they allow for variations in colour, allowing you to further tailor the aesthetics of your pool. LedecSun pool lights offer 2 options: a warm, white light that creates a moonlight style atmosphere while maximising visibility, or the deep blue model for those looking for a moodier, romantic, stylish atmosphere in their pool. 


LED Pool Lights from Billabong Pool Service and Supply

Billabong Pool Service and Supply provides LecdecSun LED pool lights on the Sunshine Coast and across the East Coast. Perfect for both new and existing pools, these solar pool lights can be fitted to any pool surface in chlorinated, salt chlorinated and ionised pools. 

Explore the range of LecdecSun swimming pool lights or contact us online for more information.

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