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What is The Australian Standard For Swimming Pool Handrails?

Do you know what the Australian standard is for swimming pool handrailsThe staff at Billabong Pool Service and Supply can help. Contact our team on the Sunshine Coast.

Are you familiar with the Australian standard for pool handrails? You can get assistance from the personnel at Billabong Pool Supply and Service and browse our range of high-quality Saftron hand rails. Reach out to us immediately and our team will be here to help you.

Keeping Your Pool Area Safe

Australian standards for handrails apply to public areas and some industrial spaces. While the handrails for the pool in your home may not need to adhere to the same standards, it’s a good idea to ensure you purchase high-quality models that will stand the test of time. We recommend choosing handrails from a reputable brand such as Saftron, which will stand the test of time and provide exceptional support in your pool area.

Saftron Hand Rails

For almost 30 years, Saftron has supplied railing products that do not require maintenance. They use specifically blended thermo-plastic materials to make sure each handrail lasts for many years and is resistant to chemicals and the elements. When it comes to pools, Saftron Pool Handrails are ideal for assisting elderly or injured pool owners who need a little more support.

Get a Recommendation

If you are looking for handrails that will provide the ultimate in pool safety, feel free to contact Billabong Pool Service and Supply and ask about our Saftron hand rails. We can help you to find the right handrails to match your needs, ensuring you get products that meet Australian standards. As an experienced supplier of pool products and accessories, as well as pool servicing and maintenance solutions, you can rely on us to provide an exceptional service every time.

Contact Billabong Pool Service and Supply now to get expert advice on swimming pool handrails. We guarantee a personalised service and high-quality products for pool owners across Sunshine Coast. You can contact us now on

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