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What is The Cheapest Way to Heat a Pool in Australia?

A pool can be a large energy drain without efficient swimming pool heating. Learn about the cheapest methods on the Sunshine Coast with Billabong Pool Service and Supply.

In the absence of energy-saving heating methods, a swimming pool can become a substantial financial drain. Here we explore the cheapest ways to heat a pool in Australia. Talk to Billabong Pool Service and Supply about the most cost-effective pool heating options and our knowledgeable and experienced team will be able to help you.

Electric Heat Pumps

From 6 kW for home pools to 250 kW for commercial pools, we have installed heaters of all sizes, but over the years electric heat pumps have emerged as the most efficient and cheapest method of swimming pool heating. Billabong Pool Service and Supply services and sells Rheem, Accent Air, Astral Pool, and Madimack heat pumps, which deliver unparalleled efficiency for reduced energy bills and more effective heating.

Getting the Sizing Right

Ensuring the cheapest swimming pool heating isn’t just about choosing the right heating type. You also need the right heater size for your pool. The team at Billabong doesn’t just make an educated guess as to what size pool heater would be best for your pool. Instead, we use software created by the University of NSW to provide a heating study that takes into account the specifics of your pool, including its capacity, desired temperature, and the local climate on the Sunshine Coast. Based on this data, we can suggest a pool heater size that will reach your desired temperature throughout the winter months.

Learn More about Pool Heating

Get in touch with our expert team for tailored advice and guidance on finding the right swimming pool heating solution. With our knowledge, you can be sure you won’t pay any more than you need to in energy bills to heat your pool and you can be confident your pool will be properly heated all year round.

Contact the team from Billabong Pool Service and Supply today and get all the information you need on pool heating systems. You can contact us on sales@billabongpoolservice.com.au.

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