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What the Pool Repair Professionals Need To Know

At Billabong Pool Service and Supply, we believe that knowledge is power! The more you know about you and your requirements...

At Billabong Pool Service and Supply, we believe that knowledge is power! The more you know about you and your requirements the easier it will be for us to meet your needs. The more the detailed the customer communicate them to your pool repair professionals the faster and more seamlessly carry out repairs or schedule maintenance. Read on for a handy guide to help us, your pool repair professionals, to help you.


Site Access

The most common and frustrating issue facing your pool repair professionals is site access.  Is there a gate code, limited access to equipment, a dog onsite? If a key is required can you arrange for a safe place for it to be left or better still drop it into the service manager?  This will expedite your pool service.


Customer Special Requirements

Your pool repair professionals need to know if you have any requirements that need to be met. For example, do you have a preferred time and date of service? If you’re not available onsite what type of communication is preferred?  Which form of payment is preferred? This is all important information.


Owner Occupied or Tenanted

We need to know if we will be dealing with the owner occupier on site. Is it a tenanted property and have they made aware of our visit? Or are we dealing with a property manager an insurance company, and will they provide a work order to proceed with the service?



If we are going to be providing an ongoing scheduled maintenance service, we need to know the frequency of the service and would also like to the customer complete an application for credit so we can open an account.


General Enquiries

Speak to the pool repair professionals at the pool shop carrying out the repairs on your swimming pool equipment to find out what else they need to know.


Pool Supplies and Pool Maintenance Services in QLD 

For the highest quality pool supplies and residential pool maintenance services, call Billabong Pool Service and Supply today. Let our team of experts conduct a thorough check of your swimming pool and swimming pool equipment to ensure the best water quality and system performance.

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