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If you are considering pool heating.  We discuss a subject that goes hand in hand with heating efficiency. Pool covers deliver a wide range of benefits for those lucky enough to have a pool at home. From preventing water evaporation to avoiding leaf litter and keeping your pool cleaner, there are many reasons why pool covers are the right choice.

These include:

● Maintaining water temperature — Pool covers help to maintain water temperature and can reduce your pool heating bills.

● Keeping the pool clean — As covering the pool reduces leaf litter and keeps out dirt, dust and debris, this minimises time spent cleaning the pool.

● Minimising chlorine usage — By reducing the UV light that comes into contact with the pool water, you don’t need as much chlorine to keep your pool clean.

For most homeowners, using less energy to maintain a comfortable water temperature (especially during the winter months) is the main reason why they invest in a quality pool cover. However, with numerous products on the market, many find it difficult to choose the right pool cover for their pool.

As a leading swimming pool service on the Sunshine Coast, we offer pool covers to suit all residential pools and can help you choose the right cover for your home pool. Here are our recommendations:


Abgal pool covers are Australian-made and designed for local pools. A wide range of pool cover solutions is available for both inground and above ground pools, including:

●Leafstop covers

●Solar pool covers

●Thermal (heated) pool covers

●Winter leaf and debris covers

●Non-heating bubble blankets



The largest pool cover suppliers in Australia, Daisy Pool Covers keep more Australian pools warm and free of leaves and debris than any other. They offer an extensive range of quality pool covers to suit the swimming and maintenance needs of all pools and spas, with a great range of styles and colours available to match your pool setting.



Sunbather is a trusted brand that’s provided a range of innovative pool solutions, including pool heating and pool covers, to Australian homeowners for over 40 years. Their pool cover range includes ‘hidden pool covers’ which provide appealing aesthetics in all settings.



Like to learn more? To chat with one of our experts about the pool covers we have in stock, visit your nearest showroom at Maroochydore, Noosaville or Caloundra, or contact us online .



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